Our Vision Statement

The Douglas County Cultural Coalition supports cultural participation in the county as inclusively as possible.  This support reflects the needs and desires of all people, places and cultural interest within the county.  This includes the support of ethnic cultures in the county and promotion of unity and the celebration of diversity.

Our Focus

To foster expression and access of the arts, heritage and humanities in individuals and communities throughout the County.

To encourage and engage the youth of Douglas County in the arts, heritage and humanities.

To coordinate, disseminate and promote arts, heritage and humanities information throughout the County.

About the Douglas County Cultural Coalition

The Douglas County Cultural Coalition is committed to the purpose of preserving, protecting and developing arts, heritage and humanities in Douglas County through grants to qualified applicants funded funded through the generous support of the Oregon Cultural Trust (OCT).

Contributions to the OCT are eligible for a tax-credit and will ensure the continued growth of the Trust.  We encourage grantees to promote support to the OCT.

All such contributions are deductible pursuant to the I.R.S. Code and Oregon State regulations.  You can go to the Trusts’ web site to learn more about how you can receive a tax credit by supporting the arts and culture at www.culturaltrust.org.



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