Oregon Cultural Trust

Give The Gift That Grows
Preserve Our Past *  Celebrate Our Present
*  Ensure Our Future *  Support Oregon’s Culture

A permanent endowment:
**  We’ve grown our endowment to $3.2 million, and . . .
**  We’ve awarded over $2.5 million in grants statewide.

How Is The Trust Funded?
1) Contributions by individuals and corporations directly to the Trust. – The cultural tax credit program that offers a 100% dollar for dollar tax credit off your  Oregon State Taxes.
2) Profits from the conversion of certain state-owned surplus assets (lands).
3) Revenue derived from the sale of a special “cultural” license plate.

How Is The Trust Funded?
58% of all funds go directly to the permanent endowment.
42% is invested in Oregon’s Culture in 3 ways:

1) Every county and all nine federally recognized Native American tribes receive an annual grant that helps them expand programs and increase access to culture in their local community.
2) The state’s largest cultural organizations (our five key partner agencies in the arts, heritage, historic preservation and the humanities) receive funding to support their already existing programs.

*  Partners:
Oregon Arts Commission
Oregon Council for the Humanities
Oregon Historical Society
State Historic Preservation Office
Oregon Heritage Commission

* Recognized by Gov. Kitzhaber in 2001 as organizations that have statewide cultural significance in terms of programming and funding.

3) Cultural organizations across the state are able to apply for competitive grants that help support, stabilize and grow cultural projects.

217 nonprofit cultural organizations from around the state applied for a total ask of 3.3 million  dollars this year.
58 grants ranging from $2000 to $25,000 dollars were awarded across the state  this year (up from 25 awards the previous year)
Total grant monies for all three categories totaled nearly $1.3 million this grant cycle.

The Cultural Tax Credit: What is it?

A Tax Credit: A tax credit is an amount subtracted from the total amount of tax you owe after completion of all other tax assessments.

The cultural Trust tax credit is a 100% dollar for dollar credit applied toward your Oregon State Taxes

How Can You Support The Trust?

1)   Make A Contribution To An Eligible Oregon Cultural Non-Profit

A 501c-3 cultural institution in arts, heritage and humanities
A list of over 1200 qualifying institutions is on our website at

2)    Make A Matching Gift To The Trust

3)    Claim Your Tax Credit For Your Gift To The Trust On Your Oregon Income Tax  (Line 41!)

The Small-Print!

You must make a contribution to a cultural non-profit in order to be eligible for a credit on your contribution to the Trust

The credit is limited to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples filing jointly and $2,500 for Oregon corporations

You can give on-line at:

Visa or MasterCard!
Or mail a check to the Cultural Trust.

Contact Information:
Oregon Cultural Trust
775 Summer St. NE, Suite 200
Salem, OR  97301


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