The Oregon Cultural Trust

Oregon Cultural Trust

Imagine a world without color or shape.

A world where no music was ever heard.

No one dances, and our heritage is long-forgotten.

That is what a world without art would be like.

The Oregon Cultural Trust has made its mission to ensure that the arts and culture, heritages and humanities keep the color, music and motion that comes from creative activities.

If you want to sustain art in its many forms, make your year-end gift to one of the many eligible non-profit organizations. And then make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust.

Not only will you be investing in the creative capital of our community, you will also enjoy the tax benefits of charitable giving. When you also make a subsequent matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust, you will be eligible to receive a 100% tax credit on your gift to the Trust. That means you can double your contribution to Oregon culture!

Investing in Oregon’s culture has never been easier or more important. The process is simple: First, make a contribution the organizations of your choice. Second, make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust. Third, claim your tax credit – up to $500 for individuals, and $1000 for couples filing jointly or $2,500 for corporations – when you file your Oregon State income tax returns.